Welcome to Oakwood Boutique School for Primary Education


We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about what we call “The Oakwood Experience” and how our child centred program addresses the needs of all children, be they bright quick learners or those with mild to moderate learning differences.


Our Founders and their philosophy

Late Mrs . And Mr. Anand  had an unwavering commitment to child development and a vision to create a dynamic vibrant community in which every individual passing out of Oakwood was a winner. Oakwood is not only an educational institute but a way of life.. Over the last 26 years, the needs of the individual students guided us to create personalised teaching methods, which gave birth to Oakwood’s strategic program planning. Today, our founder’s vision is confirmed and our faith in the future is strengthened with a volley of young adults who were groomed in Oakwood contacting us and thanking us for giving them strength to believe in themselves and lead happy, content and fulfilling lives in their chosen fields , and, most importantly, smile in the face of adversities knowing that they have the inner strength to pass.

In our philosophy, we value each child as an individual and are committed to every child’s overall development. Our admission team works collaboratively with the families to learn about your child while you learn about our school. Our goal is to ensure that Oakwood creates the right fit for your child .Oakwood limits itself to grooming up to 100 students every academic year so that individual attention is paid to each child and his or her personality is shaped to succeed in today’s complex world .

Oakwood is guided by both a clear vision and a strong faith that each child is a gift from God. We firmly believe that every student, given the right learning environment, can and should succeed to his or her full potential.

Our values what we believe in

Oakwood believes in the worth of the individual. It accepts the premise that each child is born with a unique potential and it is up to the school to unlock it. Oakwood is able to accomplish this by recognising and addressing a child’s challenges while discovering and developing his or her personal strengths. We believe in the strength of tradition in our values and our teaching: we give special attention to school, family and friends. We respect our environment and pledge to do our best to use it sensibly and leave a better world for posterity.