Birthdays are celebrated at the request of parents and can be simple or elaborate as desired by the parent. The birthday child can invite his family to attend the birthday party . If parents are unable to make it, they can make a video call and join in the celebration


Golf provides a stimulating mental challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings. Our children are given coaching by experienced coaches at Raj Bhawan Golf Ground Nainital.


Gymnastics is all about exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility , coordination and endurance. Our little Oakwoodians are taught all this at a very young age for the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscle groups


Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self expression. By teaching music to them we help them to strengthen memory skills and rhythmic movement