Medical report must be made available on the prescribed Performa provided with the registration form at the time of admission. A Photostat copy of the medical card, certifying all preventive inoculations and vaccinations which have been given, must be submitted with the forms. It is compulsory that all children are examined by the school doctor at the time of admission and parents meet the school doctor to inform about the family’s medical history. In the unfortunate incident of mishap, the school will not be held liable. Our endeavour is to provide the best medical attention within our means and regular doctor visits are a routine at Oakwood. The school will not be liable in any way in case if viral or other sickness, accident or mishap during the school term or travel.




  1. Registration does not guarantee admission unless the student passes the interview and eligibility test. Parents or guardians must accompany the student personally at the time of such test and interview.
  2. Registration is not transferable to another student and is valid only for the year, which it has been asked for.
  3. The admission of a student will depend on the availability of seats vacant even after passing the eligibility test or being declared successful in the interview.

The students registered on the acceptance of admission offer are not refundable even if the parents or guardians decide not to send the student to OAKWOOD. This condition applies to midterm withdrawals as well.

Parents or guardians shall be fully informed when a student is selected for admission. However, the offer will be treated as confirmed only if the fees and deposits have been paid and offer acknowledged..



 The fees for the year are to be fully paid in advance for each of the two terms at the time of admission. The payments are to be made when admission is offered, in accordance with the fees structure attached with the prospectus.


Students withdrawn from the school during the term will have to pay all the annual outstanding dues. No refunds are permissible.




Should the fees for the terms not be paid by the stipulated date, a grace period of 15 days will be allowed for the payment to be received and there after a fine of 10% of the amount due shall be levied. In the event that the fees are not received at the stipulated time, the student’s name will be struck off the school roll and the student will not be permitted to sit in class. In extreme cases if the fees are not paid after 3 reminders, the parent will be asked to withdraw the child. No TC will be given to such students.




All parents are required to deposit with the school the amount specified in the fees structure at the time of admission, to cover personal expenses like toilet articles, pocket money, washing and dry cleaning, postage and telephones, library, A.V.R Expense, hair cutting, extra food, birthdays and any other contingency and unexpected expenditure etc. Expenses will be paid from the personal account from time to time and the amount will be recouped by the parents or guardian on receipt of a statement of these personal expenses.


Students from abroad are required to pay one and a half times of the total deposits and fees in lump sum at the time of admission.


In case a student is not returning to school for the ensuing year, notice to this effect requesting for withdrawal must be sent to the Principal before 31December of that year.


The Principal may, at anytime without assigning any reason, require the withdrawal of a student.


On leaving the school finally, Transfer Certificate, Progress Report etc., will be issued only after all school dues are cleared..


After admission to the school, if a student is found to have any disease or deficiency which may prove detrimental to other students, he/she may be asked to be withdrawn by the Principal. There will be no refund of fees in such cases.


Daily prayers not pertaining to any specific religion are held in the school. Parents/ guardians who for any reason want the student to abstain from this aspect of school activity may indicate so in the application form for registration.






Parents or guardians are kept informed of the progress of the student through reports at the end of each period of assessment. The parents can also enquire about the day to day progress of the student by appointment with the Principal. No periodic reports will be made available for students whose due and fees are not received within the prescribed time. The final report will be sent out on clearance of all dues payable and will indicate the percentage and grade obtained in studies as well as attainment in extracurricular activities in school.


Parents and guardians are kept informed of the progress of the student but the school does not allow private tuitions of any kind in school or at home