The founders of Oakwood, late Mrs. and Mr Anand had an unwavering commitment and a vision to create a dynamic vibrant community in which the needs of the individual student determined teaching methods and Oakwood’s strategic program planning. Today, their vision is confirmed and our faith for the future is strengthened. At Oakwood, the concept of boarding as an extension of formal education helps young people forge new friendships, achieve emotional stability, accomplish academic goals and adapt in a community for a successful future.

Each child is surrounded by nurturing master teachers who use resource based, eclectic instructional methods to teach traditional academic skills and subject content. From primary to middle school, Oakwood teachers know how to remediate areas of weakness, build on inherent strengths and help each student to discover his or her own learning style.

Oakwood is guided by both a clear vision and a strong faith that each child is a gift from God. We firmly believe that every student, given the right learning environment, can and should succeed to his or her full potential. We do not include formal religious instruction. We believe in the strength of the individual and the faith imposed on development.

Oakwood provides students with a solid educational foundation based on proven teaching methods and principles.

Oakwood also has the added advantage of being in the pristine hills of Nainital, Uttarakhand, a hub for English medium education that still follows the values and etiquette essential to education that were set during the British Raj. The residential facility ensures that the children are far removed from I Pads, Lap tops, mobile phones, cartoon networks and other electronic dependence which have become an inseparable part of their lives in the plains and in the long term are derogatory for their growth. The children in the hills experience childhood as it should be experienced, play in the clean atmosphere available to them and have a set routine for study, sleep, eat and play.